Saginaw Asphalt Paving Company is the proud recipient of the following APAM Awards
  • 2010 Award of Excellence for M-20 Rehabilitation in Midland County
  • 2010 Award of Excellence for Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation of Sebewaing Township Airportin in Huron County
  • 2004 Award of Excellence for M25, Harbor Branch Rehabilitation in Huron County
  • 2000 Award of Excellence for M-25 Surface Seal in Huron County
The APAM awards are rated by judges on a scale of 1-10 for the following criteria:
  • Appearance: includes overall neatness, no overspray or left-over materials
  • Ride: must be smooth
  • Texture Uniformity: free of segregation, major surface grinding, roller markings, etc
  • Longitudinal and Traverse Joints: straight, well-blended, smooth and uniform
  • Edges: straight, uniform, true to the contour of the road
  • Approaches: blended well with the mainline pavement
  • Utility Covers: flush with the pavement
  • Degree of Difficulty: includes exceptional circumstances, maintenance of traffic, night paving, etc.
The individual judges' scored were totaled and averaged to arrive at the highest project scores.